To participate in the Dutch Open National Championship Marblehead (ONK 2022) please fill in this form.

    Transfer your entry fee of €40,- (and dinner fee) to: KOM, attn E van Gogh en/of J van Santen, van Renesselaan 27, 3703 AE Zeist, NL. IBAN:  NL64INGB0755715683, BIC  INGBNL2A
    Please transfer the fee before September 22d 2022 to confirm your entry.
    By sending this form, the sender declares his membership of his National Authority and acceptation of the rules for modelsailing according to the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024.
    Attending the races will be on your own risk. The race committee will not be responsible for any damage on ship, equipment or person, as a consequence of attending the race.

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