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Voor het eerst sinds de Marblehead-klasse (M-klasse) erkend is, komt het kampioenschap naar Nederland.
Roei- en Zeilvereniging Gouda heeft de primeur. “Dit is de topklasse van het radiografisch zeilen.” …

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Magic Marine IRSA Radio Marblehead Worlds 2014 victory for Brad Gibson from Great Britain.

Reeuwijk – Brad Gibson from Great Britain is the winner of the Magic Marine IRSA Radio Marblehead Worlds 2014. The worldchampionship was sailed from July 5th until July 11th 2014 on the Lakes of Reeuwijk and organised by the Roei- en Zeilvereniging ‘Gouda’ in conjunction with the Dutch Marblehead Class Organisation ‘KOM’ . After five days of radiosailing under very changeable and challenging conditions, the trophy was presented to the winner.

For the first time in the history of Marblehead sailing, the worldchampionship took place in The Netherlands. Monday July 6th 68 competitors from thirteen different countries started their first official race for radio controlled model sail boats in the Marblehead class. This is an official class, sailing under the authority of International Radio Sailing Authority (IRSA).

After the first selection race it became clear that Brad Gibson from Great Britain, the defending champion was determined to keep the title, From day 1, he was on top of the leader board, followed closely by Graham Bantock, another top competitor from the UK. They stayed in the lead together with Ante Kovecevic from Croatia. The circumstances on the first day were good but the wind changed a lot which led to several changes of the course.

Tuesday the weather got worse and sailing took place under difficult circumstances with much rain and gusts of wind. Wednesday it got even worse and more extreme. It was a miracle that there were not many withdrawals. Fortunately the conditions were much better on Thursday morning and the light weather gear could be used. The downside was however that at first there was too little wind. That changed for the better later in the afternoon. Friday there was not enough wind to start racing again until 12.30 hrs. The 68 sailors devided into 5 fleets of 13-17 boats sailed in total 20 races for the championship. At the end of the last day  the Radio Marblehead sailor who was able to deal with the changeable and challenging cicumstances in the best way, became the true worldchampion of 2014 Brad Gibson.

Day 5 No rain, no sun and no wind. Only fog!

At the beginning of day 5, there is something we haven’t had before this week: some fog. There is simply nothing else: No rain, no wind, no sun.  So the race is postponed for the moment. Some improvement is expected around lunchtime but unfortunately not much.  So that’s the situation. It’s probably going to be a very long day.

Day 4 – It’s gonna be a lovely day

The day after. Holland is missing the Worlds Final so we can fully concentrate again on our event.
The conditions are totally different from yesterday. Expected temperatures are 25-27 degrees, light winds and high humidity so we can expect some thunderstorms at the end of the day.
Were back to the conditions of Monday: 6-8 knots only now the wind will be steady North East.

Nice racing this morning
The rain has gone, the sun is shining again and there is enough wind and we have wonderful races this morning.Yesterday the weather caused some damage like broken masts and sails but today completely different circumstances.
The race officier: ‘Probably today you will also get wet, but not because of the rain, but because it’s warm. Our intention is to sail 5 races again today.’ NW wind, very good weather conditions. Tomorrow there will be less or no wind and without wind we can’t sail. We have to have an average of 4 races a day. We definitely want to finish with an A fleet this afternoon, so that we have a full cycle. So if necessary we will race after 5 ‘o clock.

Exciting races in front of the Clubhouse
A complete change of the course was needed around 15.30 hrs. And suddenly beautiful sailing was going on in front of the clubhouse of the Rowing and Sailing Club Gouda. With a little sunshine on the white sails and the wind picking up a bit, a very nice spectacle for all to enjoy from the ‘grandstand’. No real change in the leader board after three discard races were taken. Looking at the results, the last discard seems to be doing Graham Bantock’s score some good. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to ‘capitalize’ this in his last heat, so Brad is still firmly in the lead after race nr. 17.
Race 18 started around 17.00 hrs and will be completed today.

Day 3 – More wind and again rainy weather

It’s like Ploërmel 2012 all over again. Another rainy day. Strong winds predicted for today but no certainty about that.
Chairman, and competitor, Chris Vaes: “Overall the Championship is running smoothly. No complaints from the sailors, only compliments. Not talking about  details of course, but it’s perfect. Dispite the poorweather conditions there is great discipline from the competitors – whether they are sailors or observers. The expected strong wind could change the leaderboard completely. Can everyone make the change to these  winds? But that’s my opinion. Let see what happens.”
The race officer Geert however stressed the sailors to be even more disciplined.
At 10 am we restart race 9 with heat B.

Just promoted from B fleet sailor: “It’s like trying to get out of a snake pit!”

The predicted changes in the scoreboard have occured but the leaders are still the same. 10 races are completely finished and two discard races taken. Some competitors managed to stay constant other tumbled or are going to tumble.
‘Getting out of a B fleet is extremely difficult’, one struggling sailor said. ‘It’s like trying to get out of a a snake pit. It is better to be conservative. With 17 sailors in A fleet, you have 13 chances of staying there. But when you are in the B-fleet, you only have 4 chances to get out.

Good progress! Lots of heats are sailed till now.
Can it get any more wet than this? It is surprising that all the competitors and the judges are still going strong. Today is a good day and a lot of heats are sailed. We are e half way the Marblehead Worlds 2014 and despite all the “drama” and bad circumstances everybody is still in the competition! But unfortunately at 2 ‘pm the competitor from the USA and the one from Denmark reported they are out of competition due to material problems.

We made it till the end of the day!
Yes, I could definitely get more wet and windy but later this afternoon it all seemed to get just a bit better.
Everybody is soldiering on bravely, not giving up, not doing any ‘Titanics’. At the end of this day, the top 5 of the leader board stayed pretty much the same compared to yesterday. Finished today with race14,heat C.
The Netherlands is preparing for another important World Cup match. Argentina is our opponent this evening. Germany showed us the way.
We’ll see tomorrow.

Day 2 – The Clash of the Titans has started

The ‘Clash of the Titans’ has begun. Defending champion Bradley Gibson and Graham Bantock are on top of the leader board at the beginning of heat 5.  So Brittannia rules the waves.The French and the Dutch are also present in the top 10, together with Croatia and Italy.

Completely different conditions at the beginning of day 2 . Much of rain and enough wind for some serious sailing today. Weather improvements are expected later in the afternoon.
Race officer Geert Geelkerken: ‘It will be a lovely day. Enjoy yourselves.’

Weather slowly improving over the last hours.

Day 2 – around 13.00 hrs Heat 5 In the morning, many delays in heat 5 because of restarts and wind shifts. Wind gusts, black flags. Sailors and judges are challenged due to very difficult circumstances. A nice lunch in the clubhouse is needed to get the poor shivering bodies warm and dry again. Unfortunately no sign of any improvement in the weather conditions. Heat 6 Still very poor weather conditions. But hey, no complaints, there’s wind! Well, Graham Bantock dropping back a bit.

Races finished for today

At 17:00 we finished racing with heat 9-C in rainy weather. After 8 complete races the ranking is more clear now.
Not everyone have sailed as what they expected but overall it’s exciting stuff.
After some relatively smooth sailing in the afternoon, the annoying rain picked up again at the start of race 9.
More and more competitors gather around the score board to check the latest results with one discard race taken.
Bradley Gibson still in the lead followed by Grahm Bantock and Ante Kocacevic.
Tomorrow morning we sail the remaining heats of race 9, being heat B and A.
The weather forecast for tomorrow is bad. Some strong winds are predicted.
This could change the ranking completely.
Stay with us tomorrow and follow us at Twitter.

Day 1, 7-7-2015

Four races sailed on day one of the RM Worlds
The wind picked up again and remained somewhat steady throughout the afternoon until the end of race 4.
It seems all nationalities are scattered all over the score board. Of course with the occasional protests now and than so no surprises there.
Some may feel a bit disappointed, some may be happy with the results but over all it has been a good sailing day today.
Tomorrow there will be another exciting day with new possibilities. It was also day one for the organization. Some lessons were learned and a lot of hard work done which was worth the effort.

Challenging weather conditions during RM Worlds
14:30 hrs The sailors and organization have a difficult time because the wind keeps changing and decreasing and increasing. Sails and buoys have to be changed constantly . After two heats there are 4 British sailors in A fleet, 4 French, 1 of Croatia, 3 of the Netherlands and 1 Italian. 3rd heat is now in progress.

Jury member Yves Léglise: ‘The first races went well!’

Jury member: Yves Léglise:
‘The first races went well. They are all behaving. There is fair sailing. It could become more tough by the time the strongest competitors come together.
We hope the weather stays like it is, but we know it won’t’.
One race had to be abandoned because a change of the course was nesseccary.

The Marblehead Worlds are on the go!

And the Marblehead Worlds are on the go! The first race started 10:10 hrs. Some overcast and a light, but difficult and changing wind. After the rain showers during the opening ceremony yesterday, everybody is happy that the sun is shining, for now.

All the competitors from all around the world seem to be in the best of spirits to make this a successful event .

Good luck to all!

Welcome to the World Championship Radio Marblehead 2014 held in Gouda, The Netherlands.

Saturday 5-7-2014. At last we can meet the sailors on arrival and welcome them.  I am really excited to see them all.
Arriving at the club they first are welcomed by Victor who shows were to unload and park the cars and motorhomes.

Then Apul and myself are showing them the way to the upstairs registration office for instruction where Klazien, Hanny en Margriet gave them instructions for measuring and when finished they returned to receive the ‘goody bag’ with touristic info, some Vergeer chees, Stroopwafels, the Worlds poster and dinner and lunch tickest for the week.

Everyone is excited and is absorbing the first impressions of the venue, all happy faces when meeting their sailing friends again.

Some Australians arrived first but had to repair their boats due to damaged by transport during the flight. Supplies were organized and patches were done Friday, yesterday, so they could test their boats today successfully.

Over 50 skippers have passed the measurement check and registered. The last ones are expected to arrive tomorrow morning

Parallel to the welcome and measuring of the boats Geert and his team finalized the preparation of the pontoons and getting them ready for Sundays trail races.

We are ready to start.